Gadgets and connectivity for life

- Mainstream and unique items of more than 40 categories

Sandberg has been in the industry since 1985, and today supplies more than a half million items annually to customers in 65 countries.

Sandberg is a retail concept of accessories, gadgets and connectivity within these main categories:

  • Gaming
  • PC
  • Mobility
  • Audio

If your customers come to you for more than a cheap bargain, the answer to their needs will be Sandberg. We focus on:

  • High build quality
  • Thorough quality controls on per item basis
  • Ease of use
  • Cool designs
  • Good looking packaging
  • Great value for money

Despec is a valuable key distributor of Sandberg products since 2004. Despec’s proactive approach to the market is much appreciated. Working with a partner like Despec with an efficient and structured support of every dealer is an important asset to Sandberg.



As a retailer or reseller you will benefit from:

  • Happy customers
  • Broadness of selection
  • Homogeneous product facing across more than 40 product categories
  • Record low level of RMA
  • 24 languages supported
  • Easy to find the right product
  • State of the art online tools
  • Dealer referrals and order pass-through programs

The complete Sandberg range is available from Despec, and the availability is very high. With only 10 minute’s drive between our two HQs, both partners benefit from a very close and dynamic partnership.